What We’re About

Tackling Big Problems

We are excited to tackle as many pain points when it comes to adopting big data strategies for our customers. We have a track record of success in helping people leverage location data and market segmentation information. We are also very interested in democratizing data insights for the small and medium players so that we can help level the playing field with the big guys.

Solution Builders

The founders have made a career out of not just helping people gain access to exciting insights but also making sure those insights make their way into the hands of decision-makers in ways that can be easily understood. Big data customers are often left with the “yeah, it’s interesting, but what do I do with it.” That’s where we come in.

Seeing Things Through

Our “wins” come when clients make successful decisions. We work day and night to find the silos, remove the barriers, and build the right bridges to data-driven decisions. Our business development team thrives off seeing these successes from introductory calls to implementation and support. And we are not just building success for our clients; we are also building successful careers for our team!

Access to BIG Data

While we may be ever curious to find the next exciting dataset that adds value to our clients’ decision-making processes, we already have a data lake that can answer huge questions! Through a variety of partners, we have access to 100 million mobile devices movement throughout the day and a 3D understanding of every point of interest.


Our data science team has had the privilege of being involved with some fascinating & innovative datasets. We were working with cell phone location data before smartphones were even adopted. The team is always looking for the next exciting dataset to tackle.


The data landscape is at an exponential rate of evolution. In a more complex and interconnected world, we understand that companies have more and more the desire to focus on their core strengths. However, they also know that execution requires the adoption of new information faster than ever before. That’s where we come in.

We’re hiring!

Technical Lead, Software & Systems

Intermx is seeking a Technical Lead for the development of our software and systems as we accelerate the delivery of actionable insights to our customers. We need a pragmatic powerhouse to work with our customers, product, and technical teams to deliver effective, efficient, elegant solutions.

Web Developer

Intermx is looking for people to join our program who want to hone their skills in a fast-paced real-world environment. They need an eye for implementing modern UI/UX design and a portfolio demonstrating presentations of data in engaging and interactive ways. Experience with Reactive Programming and the JavaScript MEAN Stack (Node, Express, Angular, and MongoDB) is preferred. Skills with D3.js or an equivalent is required. This position reports directly to founder and CTO who has more than 20 years in population modeling and data science, 10 years leading R&D teams for big data companies. Our CTO and the rest of the team are passionate about data and developing products by bringing new and valuable insights to market!

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